Hi from Jenny!

I’m Jenny, wife to the wonderful Bob, mum to Charlotte, Josh, Harriott and Elliott. I’m 38 years young! Living in Drumree, Co. Meath, I work as a chartered Physiotherapist and pilates instructor promoting ‘proactive’ wellness.

With a passion for living life to the full, I seek out adventure and love a challenge. The purity of the hills and the adrenaline that mountaineering brings with it is a wonderful balance to my life.

Jumping at the opportunity to be part of Ireland on Everest team, a group of ordinary individuals whose sum makes up more than its individual parts….synergy! Having summited Mount Blanc whilst young (and free of commitment!), I now hope to inspire that it’s never to late to follow your dreams. We are daring to dream and we hope we will inspire you to get out in the hills, whilst getting behind our ‘virtual’ team member to summit Mount Everest, for Concern.