Hi from Emma!

Hi, I’m Emma Hickey, I’m a 34 year old recruitment and business manager for Osborne. I’ve been in recruitment for a number of years now and it’s the drive, travel and interaction with others that is a huge part of why I fit in so well with the recruitment world and Osborne as a company. In many ways my work mirrors my passion for the outdoors and adventure.

My athleticism began in a different lifetime away from climbing mountains. For 18 years my life was committed to competitive Irish Dancing which I feel taught me focus, drive and dedication. After hanging up my dancing shoes in my late twenties, I threw on a pair of hiking boots and fell totally in love with the outdoors. Since then I’ve hiked all over the world, including many trips to Scotland and one unforgettable trip to Nepal were I first set my eyes on the big one, Everest!!

I’ve been inspired by many adventurous people in my life and I’m hoping that taking on this impossible dream of ours will inspire many others to follow their own dreams. I’ve always been a believer that with hard work and dedication and the support of the right people you can make anything possible. So follow the journey as this team of ordinary people try to do something a little extraordinary and put Ireland on Everest!!