Hi from Suzanne!

I’m Suzanne, I work as a solicitor in the Chief State Solicitors Office in Dublin. I’m originally from the Midlands, where there are no mountains! Through a love of the outdoors and that sense of adventure and freedom that the outdoor environment brings, I am now preparing with my teammates to take on the ultimate challenge of climbing the highest mountain in the world.  Mountaineering and adventure have become my own passions over the years and require a strong level of physical and mental commitment, the ability to push yourself to your limits, explore and learn and be adequately prepared and focused.

To climb Everest is a chance to test yourself in tough conditions and to share that experience with like-minded teammates in a collaborative environment, along with an opportunity to spend some time in the spectacular mountain range of the Himalayas. Preparing for the climb itself will demand a lot of hard work and training, determination to succeed, respect for the mountain and a strong team ethos. While it is a huge commitment climbing Everest is the opportunity and ability to make a positive difference and to inspire others to fulfil their own dreams and ambitions. As one of three females on the team I especially want to try and support more women to adopt an active lifestyle and to follow and pursue their own greatest passions. Most of the world over it is still the case that women make up a small part of adventurers with less than 12% of the mountaineering community being females.

Climbing Everest together as the Ireland on Everest team, taking on the challenge of a lifetime and partnering with Barretstown, we want to inspire and encourage children and teenagers to lead healthy lives and pursue their goals through passion, dedication and commitment.