Our Vision

To showcase Ireland and it’s people, we are a team of ordinary Irish people working together to climb Mount Everest by 2020


The vision for our expedition is centred on two key elements: Challenge and Change



Ireland on Everest is a Team of like minded people, who have come together to work toward a common goal, climbing Mount Everest. Rather than aiming to climb Everest as individuals, we each want to be part of a Team, collaborating together, training together, and supporting each other with a common purpose. 

The challenge facing the team is to acquire and enhance our high-altitude experience and mountaineering skills over the next 4 years, to build an experienced expedition team which will represent Ireland on Everest in 2020. This demanding training programme will see the team tackle the highest mountains on four continents, and work in testing winter conditions to develop the skill-set necessary to take on the world’s greatest physical challenge.



In a time when the world is becoming ever more polarised and divided we aim to educate and raise awareness through our expedition. Mountaineering is an accessible and inclusive pursuit, which does not differentiate on race, nationality or creed. Facing the challenge of climbing high mountains can bring people together and forge bonds. Through collaboration with schools both within Ireland and internationally, we aim to educate people on the joy and beauty of mountaineering, to encourage people to get involved and get active, and to inspire a sense of adventure in the people we meet.  

The Himalayas, and the Everest region specifically, are also facing difficult challenges. Glaciers across the ’Third Pole’ are dramatically receding at an unprecedented rate, transforming this landscape and altering the lives of its people. We aim to raise awareness of these issues and promote behaviour change in people’s daily lives.  

Finally, but importantly, we want to bring these themes of inclusiveness, education and change together through our work with [X Charity]. We hope to collaborate with [X] on…. 



The goals of the Ireland on Everest Expedition are:

  1. The ensure the safest possible passage of all Team members throughout the expedition
  2. To climb Mount Everest as a Team, supporting each other throughout our training programme and on the mountain
  3. To place as many members of the Expedition Team as possible on the summit of Mount Everest
  4. To represent Ireland and our sponsors in all our interactions with people from around the world
  5. [Goal related to X charity we select]
  6. To raise awareness of mountaineering and the issues facing the Himalayan region through all our interactions, both personal and online.


The members of the Ireland on Everest Expedition Team hope to inspire the people of Ireland, and the world. We want to encourage children to dare to dream. We aim to inspire adventure and open people’s minds to the vastness of natural beauty which can only be found amongst the world’s highest mountains.